“There’s no time like present to let yourself go” by Jessica Irvine (Economics Editor)

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We’ve honed our minds into highly buffed machines with washboard abs, but let our bodies go to seed. We feel busier than ever and yet we’ve never been so sedentary. A survey released this month by the Bureau of Statistics found six out of 10 adults do not meet the recommended target of half an hour of moderate exercise on most days of the week. Women were even less likely than men to meet the guidelines. So, is it really true we don’t have enough time to exercise? Official time use figures, also from the bureau, suggest not.

The co-founder of the executive coaching firm Clarity Now, Kevin Orrman-Rossiter, says that just becoming more mindful of how we are spending our time can help. ”We have become creatures of habit. We work, come home, watch television and go to bed.” We need to realise how we spend our time is a choice, according to Orrman-Rossiter. ”We have all got to work to pay bills and meet all those necessities, but you can step back out of it and ask: ‘what am I going to do? Will I flop in front of the television and become an observer of life or do I participate and go for a walk instead?”

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Published in Health, The Sydney Morning Herald September 13, 2011.

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