Outplacement Services

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Outplacement services

We provide customized Outplacement Services and Career Transition Coaching and Career Management Coaching for professionals. If you have staff, who are being made redundant, then contact us now. Contact us to tailor a program that will: assist on planning and implementing a strategy for their next employment options and ensure that they have the skills and capabilities to search, apply, interview and negotiate their next employment opportunity. Our professional and competent outplacement service can assist you by reducing distress and trauma caused by redundancy in the employee being made redundant, ensure that contributions of redundant employees are recognised by providing them with professional and competent services, maintain your professional company image and reputation, maintain the morale of existing employees, and reduce the risk of legal action by helping redundant employees move forward.

If you are yourself are being made redundant then contact us now to ensure that you receive the best opportunity to transition to your next career step. Life is unpredictable. Whereas prompt action on your part can ensure that your next career step a success, by having us as your professional coaches. We can provide you with a customized program to put to your employer as part of your redundancy package that will be ensure that you have the best chance of success.

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